La ricerca botanica
During his botanical research Oscar Tintori visited gardens and market gardens, private collections, monasteries and country homes. On his travels he was welcomed and refreshed with "Flavour and Feeling" and observed the small everyday details with "Care and Culture". Along with the many forgotten citrus varieties collected today in the "Hesperidarium", he brought home a heritage of simple "Fragrances" and less known flavours. Today we have carefully selected these products in order to offer them to you.

The company today

AGRUMI ORNAMENTALI The company developed around a solid family unit, now in its third generation, and has always succeeded in combining a passionate enthusiasm for plants with modern selection and improvement requirements. The demand for our citrus plants extends beyond Italy and all over Europe. All those who come to visit our greenhouses, even out of simple curiosity, are always amazed by the vitality and abundance of these plants. Citrus plants are not ordinary seasonal flowering plants but plants that require love and care over time - a certain amount of specific maintenance is therefore necessary. Years of experience in this sector and our desire to see the plants flourish even after they leave our greenhouses enable us to provide highly selected citrus plants that can guarantee healthy and luxuriant growth over time, as well as information and specific products for this purpose. Our book "Ornamental Citrus Plants", and our products "Chicchi di Sole" fertiliser and "La terra dei nostri agrumi", are a way to make the information and products we use every day in the greenhouses available to all our clients, AGRUMI ORNAMENTALIso that all citrus plant lovers can become more familiar and confident with the daily care these plants require.

Our Story

AGRUMI ORNAMENTALIThe story of our estate is also our family's story. For years our ancestors devoted themselves with love, enthusiasm and sacrifice, to traditional farming, in full respect of the natural laws governing the earth's productive cycle. After the 1950s, cut flower production became the Pescia area's main business and like many others, we also specialised in growing flowers. This enabled us to buy the Via Tiro a Segno property in 1963, which is still the home of our business today. A beautiful Tuscan lemon tree covered the entire southern wall of the old farmhouse on the estate. Grandfather Oscar Tintori used to enjoy growing new lemon trees in pots from cuttings taken from this wonderful espalier, which still enjoys robust health today. He would give them as gifts to friends and relatives. At one of the first editions of the Biennale del Fiore Fair in Pescia, we added some of Oscar's lemon trees to our cut flowers stand. They were so popular, and drew so much attention, that we decided to try to grow and sell ornamental citrus plants. In the 1970s, after growing both citrus plants and flowers for some time, we made a courageous choice: to abandon flower growing in order to devote ourselves wholly to the production of ornamental citrus plants. This decision was laden with risks, but thanks to the extensive knowledge we had acquired over the years, it would allow Tintori to become an important name in the sector. Three generations of the Tintori family have worked - and continue to work - together to make sure this choice is still the right one, and that we live up to the expectations of our clients.
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