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In the 16th century, with the advent of the Medici family, citrus cultivation began in Florence. The rarest and most bizarre varieties become the pride of aristocratic collectors and from Florence the fashion for citrus cultivation expands to all European courts. At that time, lemons, oranges, cedars and bergamots, besides having a mainly ornamental function, were also used for medicinal and food purposes. These ancient Tuscan varieties and other rarities from all over the world are part of our collection which now has more than 400 cultivars!

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Interventions and consultancy at home

Our specialized staff is available to give you assistance, carrying out maintenance operations directly at your home such as: repotting, pruning, fertilization and pesticide treatments.
For more information on the costs of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Citrus Line

CITRUS LINE It is a telephone service aimed at all those who need technical advice relating to the cultivation of citrus fruits. By calling 0572 429191 directly, our technicians will be at your disposal (during the opening hours of the nursery) to give you all the information you need to care for your plants.

La Limonaia di Oscar

Often the winter shelter of citrus fruits is a problem, with the “La Limonaia di Oscar” service you can entrust us with your plants, which will be housed in our greenhouses throughout the winter season.

Beauty Farm

Plants may also need intensive restorative care. Through a “full immersion” in the careful hands of our technicians we will try to restore your specimens to good health.

Whatsapp Live Consulting

Do you need our help? Text to at +39 393 8399488! You will receive technical advice and specific information on the care of your plants.

Warning: the number is not authorized to receive phone calls.

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