At the Oscar Tintori nursery we have been growing ornamental citrus plants for three generations. Today we want to share with other citrus plant lovers our “Chicchi di Sole" – slow-acting mineral fertilizer granules, specifically designed for citrus plants grown in pots know with more iron. Citrus plants have the same growing requirements as evergreen plants, but also need plenty of nutritional substances, especially during flowering and when the fruit is ripening. So to avoid malnutrition it’s important to periodically provide a fertilizer rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and trace elements.
“Chicchi di Sole" is the fertilizer that best fulfils these nutritional requirements in the various periods of the year, and is specifically designed for citrus plants. The addition of Iron helps avoid leaf yellowing (ferric chlorosis) which often occurs on the upper part of the plant. “Chicchi di Sole" is used in our nursery every day as a nutritional supplement for our pot plants, and used with "La Terra dei nostri agrumi", it aids vigorous growth and abundant fruit production