In the heart of Magna Grecia, between the Sila plateau and the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea, there is a prized strip of land, famous worldwide since Achaean times for producing oil, wine, fruit and wheat.

Here, at Corigliano-Rossano (Cosenza) on the sunny Sibari Plain, Oscar Tintori have recently begun a significant partnership with the Tramonti estate, producers of fine quality citrus fruit for consumption since 1959.

Since 2006, following strict organic farming protocols, they have produced naturally pathogen-free early fruits with excellent organoleptic qualities thanks to the textural characteristics of the soil, consisting of fluvial deposits from the Cino river, and the extremely windy climate of Contrada Ogliastretti.

Following natural seasonality, organic citrus fruits are therefore available on our website today for direct home delivery.

Through a common thread that winds its way between Calabria and Tuscany representing quality that derives from passion, tradition and good farming practices, more uncommon citrus varieties will soon be available, their extraordinary characteristics rediscovered through meticulous research carried out over the years by the Oscar Tintori team, who are always focused on promoting both historical and more recent varieties.