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Only one registration per person/manager is allowed, under penalty of immediate suspension from all related or referable accounts.

Private or commercial users have the right to immediately cancel at any time, upon sending a cancellation email to [email protected]. Likewise Oscar Tintori Nurseries Tintori Alberto has an equal right of cancellation upon written communication to the user. In either case, the service will be interrupted the day after the notice of cancellation has been received.

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The term “user(s)” means both users of browsing operations exclusively and advertisers.

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The user is cognizant that Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto does not carry out any type of check on the contents placed on the web by the site’s users, nor intervene in communications between the users themselves who consequently assume full and exclusive responsibility for the behavior towards Oscar Tintori Vivai of Tintori Alberto and towards third parties.

By publishing one’s own advertisement/photo/video/content on the www.oscartintori.it website and/or on the social networks connected to Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto, the user authorizes Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto to take steps for the use and disclosure of what has been published.

The user undertakes to observe the laws and regulations of the Italian, EU, and international legal systems as well as the ethical standards when using the services provided to him/her by Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto.

In particular, the user undertakes not to transmit, via the www.oscartintori.itwebsite and/or the social networks connected to Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto, offensive, slanderous, defamatory, pornographic, pedophilic, vulgar, obscene, blasphemous material, or, in any case, contrary to the principles of public order and morality.

The user understands that the e-mail address and/or the mobile phone number on the www.oscartintori.itwebsite and on the social networks connected to Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto will be used as remote communication, as needed.

The user will disseminate accurate and truthful information through the website www.oscartintori.itand the social networks connected to Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto, in full respect of the principles of law and of these rules, always in Italian, not completely in capital letters, and possibly combined with translations into other languages, for the increased usability of the services and information offered, to be carried out moreover at the advertiser’s exclusive management, expense and responsibility with regard to the published content.

When using the services offered by Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto, the user declares that s/he is aware of the possibility of accessing web links over which the same Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto has no control and, therefore, no responsibility. It will be the user’s responsibility to recognize and evaluate the suitability of remaining on such content.

The user will respect the conventions established to safeguard human rights and minors.

without the written consent of the rights holders, the user will not publish on the internet any advertisements containing sensitive personal data and/or images of minors or third parties, nor material containing viruses or other means aimed at damaging the operation of this service or any broadcasting facility.

The user will not commit or facilitate in any way illegal actions in general through the space made available by Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto.

The user will not impede the use and enjoyment of the services by other users.

By using the resources published on the www.oscartintori.it website and/or on the social networks attributable to Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto, the user will comply with copyright law and will make sure in advance to have all the necessary rights for the publication and dissemination of any type of material before sharing content on this site.

The user will not request the publication of false or illegal announcements.

The user is cognizant that Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto does not exercise any control and/or supervision of opinions and statements included on the web space reserved for each user andentrust, with regard to form and content, to the exclusive liability, including criminal, of the user.

The user is therefore solely and exclusively responsible for the content of announcements and insertions of various materials, as constitutionally protected expressions of freedom of thought, assuming full compliance with the rules of Italian, EU, and international law.


As owner, Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto has made everything on its website available to users.

In addition, it is forbidden to reproduce and/or use, for any reason and condition, all the graphic elements on the site. Personal use may be authorized only upon request by the user and with subsequent written authorization from the staff of Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto.


Because of responsibilities deriving from the violation of laws, regulations, and the general conditions of these rules, the user will exempt Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto from any civil and criminal responsibility, recognizing immediately the lack of passive legitimacy in court.

In particular, the user will release Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto, in substance and in procedural terms, from any prejudice, loss, damage, liability, cost, burden or expense, including legal fees, deriving from claims or actions advanced by third parties, at any location and for any reason, as a result of advertisements, publications, or content posted on the network by the user through the misuse of the resources offered by Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto.


The personal data provided by the user will be collected and processed by Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori in full compliance with the consolidated text pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 and subsequent amendments (“Code regarding the protection of personal data/known as the Privacy Code”, to which the full text is referenced by providing it for review, understanding, and acceptance by the user).

Pursuant to and for the purposes of Art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03 and of the (EU) Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto informs the user that:

  • personal data provided by the individual will be processed exclusively for the purposes of the relationship established;
  • the data processing will be carried out using computer systems;
  • the individual must provide an e-mail address or mobile phone number and, if desired, other information;
  • the service cannot be provided without the required data;
  • the interested party/user will be able to authorize Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto to share e-mail addresses or cell phone numbers with third parties;
  • the personal data collected will not be transferred to other data controllers;
  • if the user willingly considers highlighting personal identifying data on the web, this will not assign responsibility to Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto in any way;
  • the company Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto, in the person of its provisional legal representative Alberto Tintori is the data controller and manager.

By accepting the above, the user authorizes Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto to process his/her personal data for the purposes indicated in this disclosure statement.

In order to safeguard the dignity and privacy of the person concerned, Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto refrains from processing sensitive data that may be provided by the user, who is obliged to refrain from doing so for their own data and for those of third parties.

To properly understand the definitions referred to above, please note:

  • 4, paragraph 1, (b), Legislative Decree 196/2003, defines “personal data” as any information concerning a natural person, legal person, organization or association, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by reference to any other information, including a personal identification number .
  • Under Article 4, paragraph 1, (d), Legislative Decree 196/2003, personal data capable of revealing racial and ethnic origin; religious, philosophical, or other beliefs; political opinions, party memberships; trade unions; religious, philosophical, political or trade union associations or organizations as well as personal data capable of disclosing health and sex life constitute “sensitive data”

The user may, at any time, exercise his rights towards the data controller, pursuant to art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, reproduced below:

Art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (Right of access to personal data and other rights):

  • The individual shall have the right to be informed of the existence or lack of personal data concerning himself, even if not yet registered, and their communication in an intelligible form.
  • The individual shall have the right to be informed of:
  • the source of the personal data;
  • the purposes and methods of its processing;
  • the logic applied in case of its treatment carried out with the help of electronic tools;
  • 4. the identity of the data controller, the managers, and the designated representative pursuant to art. 5, paragraph 2;
  • the individuals or categories of individuals to whom the personal data may be communicated or who may come to learn of such as the designated representative of managers or agents in the territory of the State.
  • The individual shall be entitled to:
  • the updating, correction or, when there is an interest, additions to the data;
  • the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form, or blocking of data processed in infringement of the law, including that which does not need to be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;
  • certification that the operations referenced in letters a) and b) , also as regards their content, have been brought to the attention of those to whom the data have been communicated or disseminated, except where notification proves impossible or requires the use of means clearly disproportionate to the right being protected.
  • The individual shall have the right to oppose, wholly or in part:
  • on legitimate grounds, the processing of personal data concerning him/her, even though the data may be relevant to the purpose of the collection
  • the processing of personal data for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sales material or for carrying out market research or commercial communications.

Right to Be Forgotten

We inform you that this Privacy Statement concerns only the processing of personal data that you have provided or will provide to Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto – also in the event of purchasing our products and/or services provided upon payment or participating in our promotions and/or offers – and, possibly, those that Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto may acquire during the course of this relationship and/or further relations between you and us.

However, if you wish to assert your right to be forgotten with reference to any of your personal data possibly contained in our archives, we would remind you that the data controller is Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto, which may be contacted to exercise this right referenced in Art. 17 of the GDPR, by writing to the data controller with offices in V. Tiro a Segno no. 55, 51012, or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Methods of data processing

The processing of personal data is mainly carried out using electronic procedures and supports (DB, CRM platforms, etc.) for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data have been collected and, moreover, in accordance with the principles of legality and fairness, limits, and relevance required by current privacy legislation.

Redirects to external sites

The website may use social plug-ins. Social plug-ins are special tools that allow you to incorporate the features of a social network directly within a website (e.g., Facebook’s “like” function).

All social plug-ins on this site are indicated by their respective logos of the social network platform (e.g., Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn).

When you visit a page on our site and use a plug-in (e.g., by clicking the “Like” button) or you decide to leave a comment, the corresponding information is transmitted from the browser directly to the social network platform and then memorized from this contact. For information on the purposes, type, and methods of personal data collection, processing, use and storage by the social network platform, as well as for the ways in which to exercise your rights, please consult the privacy policy of the individual social network.

Data retention

We hereby inform you that data relating to navigation logs, if recorded, will be kept by the data controller for a period of 12 months. We also inform you that the data you have provided will be processed for the entire duration of the contractual relationship in existence between us and further stored exclusively for the period required in order to comply with the notification obligations envisaged by law, provided that it is not necessary to further store them in order to defend or enforce a right or fulfill other legal requirements or orders of the public authorities.

Pursuant to Art. 13 and 122 of the Privacy Code and under the General Provision of the Privacy Guarantor of 8.5.2014, Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto, the data controller, will also provide the user with some information on the cookies used as indicated in below, to which reference is made here for the user’s complete review, understand, and acceptance:Cookie Information


Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto reserves the right to cancel and/or suspend the service in the case of advertisements (photos, videos, announcements, various contents etc.) and contents contrary to the rules provided in these rules, to current regulations on privacy protection, copyright, defamation, or anything else as required by applicable laws.

Each user is allowed an unlimited number of advertisements. However, Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto will exercise the right to cancel unauthorized advertisements.

Please note that advertisement is absolutely free for private users, businesses, non-profit organizations, local tourist authorities, non-profit associations, foundations, public bodies, and others.

Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto reserves the right to cancel any advertisement published that does not comply with the requirements set out above and which has been published in violation of applicable laws.

Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto notes as purely non-exhaustive examples that the following are criminal offenses:

  • defamation
  • invasion of privacy
  • exploitation or aiding of prostitution
  • dissemination of child pornography
  • publication of false content
  • password and private correspondence violations
  • the publication of messages without the knowledge and/or authorization of the registered owner
  • slander
  • influence peddling
  • unauthorized access and deletion of accounts without the data controller’s knowledge
  • threats to other registered users
  • spam and the repeated sending of advertising messages
  • use of illicit substances and alcohol
  • behaviors listed in the “computer crimes” of the current Italian Penal Code.

Advertisements containing defamatory text against persons and/or companies, racist and/or discriminatory texts, or which are only comments to other published announcements are not allowed.

Ads whose text and photographic content conflict with these rules and with the rules in force. will not be admitted,

Vulgar or offensive texts or photographs are not allowed.

We do not accept images containing writing or symbols of a sexual nature, full nudity, and/or pornography. Any image considered vulgar or any ad in which such content has been placed will be deleted and the user who published the image will be removed.

In the event of conduct that can be identified as a criminal offense, Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto will immediately inform the Judicial Police of the access data to the site in order to identify the persons in charge.

Regarding the insertion on www.oscartintori.itand/or on all the social networks related to Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto, it is restated that the user – assuming full and exclusive responsibility – certifies being able to have the publication’s own content (photos, videos, text, varied content, etc.) with full rights and assumes total responsibility for what is published. In addition, the same user declares that the images eventually inserted are of adults, who have consented to the publication of the image on www.oscartintori.it and/or on all social networks related to Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto.

The insertion of images of minors is granted only to subjects who are the legal guardians of the minor individual in the image and must regardless comply with the rules on protecting privacy; Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto is not responsible for the publication of any image carried out by users that have minors or people who have not given their consent to the publication as their subject.

The images and text contained in the advertisements are protected by copyright and copyright laws. Therefore, it is forbidden to use images and/or texts of other users without their prior consent.

With regard to the Sales and Services sections, advertisements must comply with the prohibitions established by Italian law, which states that they cannot be sold (and therefore cannot be advertised):

  • Child pornography material;
  • Illegal substances;
  • Pharmaceutical products;
  • Pesticides;
  • Organs, human remains, and human organic material;
  • Tools for opening locks;
  • Gambling and betting;
  • Stolen items;
  • Identity documents;
  • items belonging to the military or law enforcement;
  • Firearms and cutting weapons, pistols and related objects;
  • Fireworks;
  • Stocks and bonds;

Furthermore, it is forbidden to place ads that have whose purpose is false/counterfeit products or illegal copies of CDs/DVDs, video games, and software that infringe intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademarks, patents).

It is also forbidden to place advertisements related to products and/or services that may violate the privacy of third persons, e.g., the provision of services or the sale of material that permits the interception of phone calls and text messages or that permits tracing passwords back to e-mail addresses.


Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto reserves the right, at any time, to revoke, deactivate, or temporarily or permanently modify access to the services of this site and to delete the listings of users who fail to follow these rules and the laws in force, ensuring the interest of the injured parties and the community in general.

These general terms and conditions and the relationships between Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto and the user will be governed by the laws of the Italian Republic.

The Court of Pistoia will be exclusively responsible for any disputes related to these conditions and/or to the use of this site.


Before using the services of Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto, the user is obliged to be informed of any changes and/or updates to the site’s terms of use, conditions that form an integral part of these rules and which will be made known promptly to the user through a special update and modification link

By registering with the site, pursuant to and for the purposes specified in Articles 1341, paragraph 2, and 1342 c.c., the user declares having carefully reviewed and specifically approved each and every stipulation and clause contained in the present rules, and having clearly understood the same and of fully agreeing with the content, without exception and reservation.


For comments and complaints, the user may send an email to info@oscartintori. All requests will be appropriately reviewed and evaluated by the staff of Oscar Tintori Vivai di Tintori Alberto.